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Galway Guide

Day Trips of Galway


Kylemore Abbey

Looking for the perfect day out in the West of Ireland?  Well in that case look no further than Kylemore Abbey and Victorian Walled Garden, one of Ireland’s best loved and most iconic tourist attractions and home to the Benedictine nuns since 1920.

At Kylemore Abbey and Victorian Walled Garden, there is so much for all the family to enjoy. Visit the restored rooms of the Abbey and learn about its history of tragedy, romance, education, innovation and spirituality. Explore the 6 acre Victorian Walled Garden with its delightfully restored garden buildings. Discover woodland and lakeshore walks that will take you on a beautiful journey through our 1,000 acre estate. The beautiful Gothic Church is a short walk from the Abbey, nestled nearby is the Mausoleum where Mitchell and Margaret Henry are buried side by side. Children will enjoy making a wish at the Giants Ironing stone. With great options for dining and shopping we have all you need for the perfect Connemara day out.

Lovely Drive by car and if you prefer a tour you can be picked up from Jameson Court Apartments.

Aran Islands

Easily visible from the coast of Galway, the rocky wind buffeted Aran islands have a desolate beauty that has remained unchanged. Ancient Forts here are some of the oldest archaelogical remains in Ireland. You can drive to Rossaveal and take a ferry.


You can take a tour which will pick you up from the apartments

Cliffs of Moher

Cliffs of Moher are Ireland at its most natural. Everything you dreamed Ireland would be and more..

Day Tours

Tours can be organised from Jameson Court


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